Interior Design Amman ” Fifty Shades of White “

Fifty Shades of White

I often face the challenge as a designer to convince my clients not to over design every corner or wall in their home. This reminds me of what my professor used to say to us during my studies in Austria. Him being a Bauhaus graduate adored white walls. He always said ” no white wall is exactly like the other.”

There are so many different shades of white and the colour changes during day due to the light changes. It is true ,there are many different shades of white and white is always a beautiful backdrop for artwork and any other piece you wish to showcase on your walls. But it can be a very interesting wall just by displaying shades and shadows as well. So if you have a white wall in your home don’t worry what to do with it because it might be the perfect canvas for something really special and meaningful to you.


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