Color Trends This Summer

Every season comes with new trends in fashion and Interior design so what’s the trend this summer?

Maybe you already notices an increase in tropical patterns floral fabrics with ferns and tropical motifs. All this comes with the suitable colors.

tropical motifs and patterns get you into a summer mood

This summer we have a bouquet of beautiful bold colors like emerald greens and yellow as well as melon and shades of oranges. There are so many ways to introduce color to your interiors.

It could be one bold dominant wall in your living room complimented with the suitable upholstery of a combination of colorful cushions with different patterns and textures or merely a nice bouquet of summer flowers decorating your dining room table.

The overall mood is a happy one and yellow as a backdrop for your walls is the perfect choice.

I have included some pictures for you to get in the mood so go ahead be inspired and feel the joy of the summer season.

yellow adds a happy mood to any room


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